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Feb 8, 2024


Welcome to 123 Psychiatry, your go-to destination for achieving total mental wellness. We understand the significance of maintaining good mental health, and our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide and support you through your journey. Whether you're seeking counseling, psychiatry, or psychology services, we have the expertise and resources to meet your unique needs.

Counseling & Mental Health

At 123 Psychiatry, we prioritize your mental well-being and offer a wide range of counseling and mental health services. Our experienced counselors are skilled in various therapeutic approaches and are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your feelings and concerns.

Individual Counseling

In our individual counseling sessions, our skilled therapists work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and develop personalized strategies to overcome them. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other mental health issue, our counselors will provide the guidance and tools you need to move forward.

Marriage and Family Counseling

We understand the importance of healthy relationships, and our marriage and family counseling services are designed to strengthen bonds among family members and couples. Our therapists provide a supportive environment where open and honest discussions can take place, enabling you to address conflicts, improve communication, and enhance overall well-being.


123 Psychiatry also offers highly qualified psychiatrists who specialize in diagnosing and treating various mental health conditions. Our psychiatrists are medical doctors with extensive expertise in the field of mental health and are dedicated to improving your overall well-being through effective treatments and medication management.

Thorough Assessment and Diagnosis

Our psychiatrists conduct thorough assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific symptoms and circumstances. By carefully evaluating your mental health, they can accurately diagnose any potential disorders and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Medication Management

If medication is an appropriate part of your treatment plan, our psychiatrists will prescribe and monitor the effectiveness of medication to ensure optimal results. They will also guide you through any potential side effects and provide ongoing support to address any concerns or adjustments needed.


Our team at 123 Psychiatry includes highly skilled psychologists who specialize in providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions to promote your mental well-being. Our psychologists are educated and trained in a variety of therapeutic models, ensuring you receive the most effective care.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a widely recognized therapeutic approach used by our psychologists. CBT helps you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to mental health difficulties. Through CBT, our psychologists assist you in developing healthy coping mechanisms and cultivating positive mental habits.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Our psychologists also offer comprehensive psychological testing and assessment services to gain a deeper understanding of your cognitive abilities, emotional functioning, and personality traits. These assessments provide valuable insights that facilitate accurate diagnoses and inform appropriate treatment plans.

Total Mental Wellness

At 123 Psychiatry, our ultimate goal is to ensure your total mental wellness. Therefore, we adopt a holistic approach, considering various factors that contribute to your well-being. Our team collaborates to create tailored treatment plans that address your unique needs, allowing you to achieve and maintain optimal mental health.

Integration of Services

We understand the interconnectedness of the mind and body, and therefore, we emphasize the integration of our services. Our counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists work together, sharing their expertise and insights to provide you with comprehensive care. This collaborative approach enables us to address complex mental health concerns and promote lasting positive change.

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