Rates & Insurance | Counseling in Anchorage, AK

Feb 11, 2022

Quality Counseling Services with Flexible Rates and Insurance Options

Welcome to Reed Cognitive Therapy, your trusted source for professional counseling in Anchorage, AK. Our dedicated team of highly skilled therapists is committed to providing personalized and effective solutions to help you overcome various mental health challenges. As a leading provider of counseling services in the area, we offer competitive rates and flexible insurance options to ensure everyone has access to the support they need.

Our Rates

At Reed Cognitive Therapy, we understand that cost is a significant factor when considering counseling services. We strive to offer competitive rates while delivering exceptional quality care. Our commitment to affordability does not compromise the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Our rates vary depending on the type and duration of the counseling sessions. We offer both individual and group therapy sessions, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits your needs. Our highly skilled therapists are experienced in a wide range of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based therapies, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment possible.

Our dedication to your well-being extends beyond the counseling sessions. We provide ongoing support and personalized guidance throughout your therapeutic journey. Our therapists prioritize building strong and trusted relationships with each client to create an environment where you feel comfortable and supported.

Insurance Options

Reed Cognitive Therapy accepts a variety of insurance plans to make our services accessible to as many individuals as possible. We work closely with insurance companies to streamline the billing process and minimize any financial burden on our clients.

Before your initial session, we recommend contacting our friendly administrative staff to verify if we accept your specific insurance plan. Our team will gladly assist you in navigating the insurance coverage and answering any questions you may have regarding the billing process.

Even if your insurance plan is not accepted, we offer self-pay options to ensure you can still benefit from our counseling services. We believe that everyone deserves to receive the care they need, and we strive to accommodate diverse financial situations.

Contact Us

If you are ready to take the first step toward positive change and better mental well-being, we invite you to reach out to our team at Reed Cognitive Therapy. Our compassionate therapists are here to guide you on your path to personal growth and healing.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discuss the rates and insurance options available to you. We understand that seeking therapy can be a courageous decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Remember, your mental health matters. Invest in yourself and let Reed Cognitive Therapy empower you to overcome life's challenges.

Anahi Monsivais
As someone who values mental health support, I'm always looking for therapists who accept insurance. It's a crucial consideration for many.
Oct 1, 2023
Junwon An
It's evident that Reed Cognitive Therapy values inclusivity and accessibility in their counseling services, which is highly commendable.
Sep 13, 2023
Lindsey O'Halloran
The commitment to providing effective solutions and flexible rates is exactly what locals in Anchorage need. It's heartening to see this level of care.
Aug 21, 2023
Dennis Devous
It's reassuring to know that counseling services consider the financial aspect of seeking support. The availability of insurance options can be a game-changer for many.
Aug 9, 2023
Shane Presswood
Counseling services that are adaptable to different financial situations are vital for ensuring that mental health support is within reach for everyone.
Jul 14, 2023
Dale Rickman
I'm interested in hearing more about the specific therapeutic approaches utilized by the team. Being informed about this can help individuals make more informed decisions.
Jun 30, 2023
Brian Silverstein
I appreciate the emphasis on personalized and effective solutions. It's crucial for people to find the right support for their specific needs.
Jun 10, 2023
Stephen Quayle
The personalization and effectiveness of the counseling services offered can make a significant impact in individuals' lives. It's exactly what's needed.
Jun 6, 2023
Wendy Wienhoff
I appreciate the consideration of insurance options. It can greatly alleviate the financial stress of seeking counseling services.
May 17, 2023
Vicki Brancheau
It's wonderful to see an emphasis on inclusivity and affordability in the realm of counseling services. This can make a real impact in people's lives.
Apr 6, 2023
Steve Schoenecker
It's heartening to see a counseling service prioritize personalized solutions and flexible rates. This kind of approach can make a real difference for people in need.
Mar 20, 2023
Linda Gustafson
The availability of counselors who offer flexible rates and accept insurance is an important aspect of ensuring equity in mental health support. It's truly valuable.
Mar 6, 2023
Jennifer Woodin
This kind of initiative in counseling not only supports individual well-being but also contributes to a healthier and more understanding society as a whole.
Feb 19, 2023
Andy Dressel
I'm impressed by the dedication of the therapists at Reed Cognitive Therapy. It's clear that they prioritize their clients' well-being.
Jan 31, 2023
David Rowe
Counseling services that prioritize affordability and accessibility through flexible rates and insurance options are important resources for the community. It's a commendable endeavor.
Jan 12, 2023
Jerry Huddleston
I'm always encouraged to see counselors who prioritize accessibility and inclusivity through flexible rates and insurance options. It's a vital step.
Jan 3, 2023
Linda Bax
Effective counseling is integral to creating a supportive and compassionate community. It's uplifting to see this kind of dedication in the field.
Dec 17, 2022
Mike Middleton
The availability of counselors who offer flexible rates can make a significant difference for those seeking assistance. It's a commendable approach.
Dec 9, 2022
Paul Sldian
I'm interested in learning more about the counseling services offered in Anchorage. Are there specific therapy modalities available?
Dec 8, 2022
Ashley Howell
I'm glad to see that you offer flexible rates and insurance options. It's important to make counseling accessible to everyone.
Nov 20, 2022
Maria Almeida
The consideration of insurance options is commendable, as it can break down barriers to accessing necessary mental health support. It truly impacts lives.
Nov 4, 2022
Shahbaz Rafique
I appreciate the emphasis on creating effective and personalized solutions to support the well-being of individuals. These are vital aspects of quality care.
Oct 7, 2022
Ajay Kumar
The ability to access quality counseling services that are both personalized and adaptable to financial circumstances is a genuine boon for the community.
Oct 1, 2022
Juan Miranda
Mental health resources, such as this counseling service in Anchorage, play a crucial role in promoting emotional wellness. Couldn't be more important!
Sep 25, 2022
Rohit Goenka
As someone considering counseling services, I value the ability to find therapists who understand the importance of affordability and accessibility. This is crucial.
Sep 15, 2022
Lissette Guillen
Quality counseling that is accessible and affordable is a significant resource for the community. It's encouraging to see these options available.
Aug 22, 2022
Phillip Cady
Counseling services that recognize the importance of personalized solutions and affordability can truly empower individuals to seek and receive the support they need.
Aug 22, 2022
Renee Bukovich
Counseling services that accommodate different financial situations and offer insurance options are truly valuable for the community. It's a sign of empathy and understanding.
Jul 28, 2022
Adam Crouch
Therapists who understand the importance of flexible rates are making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families. It's a thoughtful approach.
Jul 24, 2022
Offering insurance options demonstrates a practical understanding of the financial challenges that can accompany seeking counseling. It's a considerate and supportive choice.
Jul 5, 2022
Stephen Hankin
The focus on making counseling services accessible by offering insurance options is a reflection of compassion and understanding. It's a significant step.
Jul 4, 2022
Darryl Gerstenecker
The focus on offering flexible rates and insurance options underscores a genuine commitment to making counseling services accessible to all. It's a commendable effort.
Jun 30, 2022
Jason Ganzhom
The emphasis on personalized solutions and flexible rates really sets Reed Cognitive Therapy apart. It's clear that the well-being of clients is the top priority.
Jun 19, 2022
Ashleigh Osborne
Mental health support that takes into account different financial situations and offers insurance options is a real lifeline. It demonstrates a commitment to helping others.
Jun 9, 2022
Sharon Kennedy
It's heartening to see counseling services that prioritize personalization and accessibility. These are truly valuable qualities in the field of mental health support.
May 21, 2022
Chandan Vidyarthi
The accessibility of counseling services becomes even more vital during challenging times. Offering insurance options is a thoughtful move.
Apr 22, 2022
Jason Gary
It's reassuring to know that there are therapists who provide quality care and considerate payment options. It eases the financial burden for many.
Apr 13, 2022
Meenakshi Singh
Knowing that counseling services in Anchorage value both quality and affordability is truly uplifting. It's a sign of genuine care for the community.
Apr 11, 2022
The prioritization of personalized and effective counseling solutions shows a real dedication to individual well-being. I'm glad to see this level of care in practice.
Apr 2, 2022
Michael Lawrence
The commitment to offering flexible rates and insurance options shows a strong dedication to making counseling services accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. A necessary step indeed.
Mar 28, 2022
Jonet Leighton
Quality counseling services are essential for the well-being of individuals and the community. It's great to see this commitment.
Mar 27, 2022
Jack Wehr
Flexible rates combined with the acceptance of insurance options are often game-changers for those seeking counseling. It's an important offer indeed.
Mar 3, 2022
Galen Brown
I'm always on the lookout for counseling services with a client-centered approach, like the one described here. Personalization is key.
Feb 24, 2022
Srinidhi Kadalbal
Counseling that prioritizes personalization and flexibility can make a world of difference to those seeking support. Kudos to the team for recognizing this.
Feb 16, 2022
Edgar Tuazon
The willingness to work with insurance companies shows a commitment to making counseling services more accessible and approachable. Great initiative!
Feb 14, 2022